Is it important to avoid parabens and glycerin?

EdenUser EdenUser
I see the option to choose lube that doesn't have these things but I don't know why. Explain?
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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Glycerin can cause irritation and burning in women who are sensitive to it, and in some cases lead to yeast infections. It also can make lube feel sticky, especially as it dries, which many people find uncomfortable.

Parabens - if I'm recalling correctly - mimic estrogen, which can throw a woman's normal levels off-balance, and in some cases cause irritation. There's also some speculation (though as far as I know no concrete evidence) that parabens can increase your risk for breast cancer. Again, I might not be remembering this correctly, so if no one else steps in to explain you may want to do some independent research.

How important it is to avoid these ingredients is up to you. If you're more sensitive or more health-conscious, it's probably worth it to avoid them.
Gracie Gracie
I think for most women it is a choice whether to avoid thm or not. I have had issues with glycerine in the past and I chose not to use products that contain it. But parabens are a known allergan and I am part of the unlucky group that cannot use them. For most people it might not be a problem, but I dont have a choice about these ingredients.
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