Kimono vs. Trojan

pliskaa pliskaa
Kimono microthin PLUS with aqua lube
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I see Kimono is higher priced than Trojan, are they that much better?
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married with children married with children
Kimono's were way tighter then the trojans, from what I remember. I have not used condoms in over 10 years.
LuckyLady LuckyLady
they're very good. they are very thin and can be too tight but you can feel everything. i would suggest trying a few different sizes to find the correct comfort levels. the feeling overall is great.
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
I've only used Trojan, but I've heard Kimonos are better in terms of sensation.
novanilla novanilla
Kimonos are advertised as the most vegan condom, if that interests you.
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