Lube in a pinch

spineyogurt spineyogurt
Whats the weirdness thing you've ever tried to use as lube? I once tried shampoo. Big mistake. Now I buy it
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Tagmstr Tagmstr
I have never used any random products as lube. Not worth it
Baby oil for anal lube... It was interesting!
RonLee RonLee
Originally posted by SaMiKaY
Baby oil for anal lube... It was interesting!
Were there any ill effects?
Sally Forth Sally Forth
My friend's mom swears by plain yogurt. I haven't tried it myself, but can see how it could work alright in a pinch.
Llewey Llewey
When I was 15 I used aloe vera goo from the plant I had in my room at the time. I was just using fingers, so it wasn't too bad. Now I know better and buy the real deal.

Still, I wonder how that'd work for partner sex. I think I'll pass, though.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
I was 15-ish and decided to try anal. All I had was massage oil (I knew at 12 that I wanted to be a massage therapist so my mom bought me lots of books, lotions, oils and the like.) so I gave it a go. It wasn't thick enough, but aside from a bit of aching later I didn't have anything *bad* come from it. It was a carrier oil and food-safe so I can't imagine anything terrible would have come from it anyways, but still. Not so good. xD
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