Lubricant For Use Underwater

GTXecutive GTXecutive
With it being Summer now, there are a lot of seemingly great opportunities for sexual adventures in the water. The only problem is getting a lube that will stay put while in the water. I haven't worked with many lubes other than water-based ones, but I know better than to expect any of the ones I am familiar with to work. My question is, what lubes do you think will work well underwater? Would any silicone lube do the trick? I don't generally like oils, but would these work better? Any experiences would be appreciated!
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Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Gun Oil Silicone Lube works fabulously!
CafeSabroso CafeSabroso
I second that silicone lubes work well. Just be careful if you're playing in the shower or tub. Silicone lubes can be tenacious on slick surfaces, even when you don't use much. I would keep some dish soap (ie Dawn) nearby if things get too slippery.
married with children married with children
Slippery Stuff works well in water. It is water based, but if you lube up and stick it in, then get in the water it will work pretty good. Not as good as a silicone based lube.
ToyBoy ToyBoy
Anything silicone based should be fine underwater.
I'll Miss You EF :( I'll Miss You EF :(
Silicone based lubricants!
Can I suggest Astroglide X?
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Better Sex Essentials is my go to shower/tub lube, the best I have tried so far.

I'll second what CafeSabroso said, silicone lubes are extremely slippery on smooth surfaces. So do be careful and clean up ASAP.
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