non-silicone lube for very sensitive skin?

domesticbeaver domesticbeaver
I'm looking for a new lube for use with silicone toys. I love the feel of Sliquid Organic, and I hear it's one of the better ones for sensitive women. But every time I use it I get a terrible reaction - itching + fissuring on my vulva. (It feels like a vulvar yeast infection, but I thought Sliquid wasn't supposed to encourage yeast because it's glycerine-free?) Any suggestions? I just bought KY Silk and it hasn't bothered me the one time I used it, but I'd like a lady-friendly and environmentally-friend ly brand.
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Ghost Ghost
Sliquid Sea, maybe?
Ansley Ansley
Originally posted by Ghost
Sliquid Sea, maybe?
I second this. You could also try Sliquid Naturals. And Sliquid Sassy is pretty good, too! I have all three and I like them equally the same and have never had a reaction and I'm prone to wicked infections of the le disgusting-hide-under- a-rock kind.
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