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Sliquid organics gel
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We've used the naturals, how are the organics? Better, worse, same?
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JadeKitten JadeKitten
Originally posted by N&M
We've used the naturals, how are the organics? Better, worse, same?
I would like to know that too, I would also like to know the best natural types and what are the main differences between naturals and organics.
EskaSarynn EskaSarynn
This is also of interest to me - I just ordered the naturals, but this organic gel caught my eye too.. wondering how it's different/better, if it is at all.
Janis Janis
I've tried the Sliquid Organics Silk and LOVED it! It closely mimics my body's natural moisture, has little taste, and doesn't get sticky. It's perfect for me because I don't need a lot of additional moisture for penetration, and if oral sex ends up happening after penetration, the taste is negligible.

However, it is a water-based lubricant and will dry out before a silicone or oil-based one will. Spit or a spray of water from a bottle will reconstitute it quickly and easily. Also, it's easy to wash off and doesn't stain if you get it on your bedsheets!
Ningyo Ningyo
I've only used the Organics line because the comparable regular Sliquid products aren't much cheaper per ounce, if at all. I figure I'll go for the more sustainable option since the prices are about the same. I've tried the Organics Sea and Organics Gel, and really like them both.
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