Soap and lubricant

Hot Rick Hot Rick
Is soap safe to use as a lubricant for anal masturbation?
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Tantrum Tantrum
Originally posted by Hot Rick
Is soap safe to use as a lubricant for anal masturbation?
Safe? - maybe yes...
Good? - not at all!
Soap can dry out the tissues and make them more likely to tear. Some folks do get irritated from it!
Always use a good anal lube and do not look for anything else!
For ex. Maximus is affordable and excellent - I've used it for ages!
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
Definitely not a good idea! Soap is not designed to go inside the body, at least not in any quantity. Use a good thick lube like Maximus or Probe.
Lilith Desiderata Lilith Desiderata
I'm going to say a solid no. The tissues of the rectum are very sensitive, and getting soap up in there in general, let alone as a lubricant, is a very bad idea.

Look at it this way - you can absorb stuff like medicines through the corners of your eyes the same way you can absorb it through the rectum.....what's your normal reaction to getting soap in your eyes?

Stick with a silicone or thick water-based lube, trust me
CrystaCat CrystaCat
I would never use soap.. Ouch, go with a nice lube.
sktb0007 sktb0007
I have no idea but I'd assume no. Lubricants are not that expensive!
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