What's your favorite alternative masturbator?

goo goo
I notice there are many posts regarding fleshlights. HOwever, I have tried fleshlight and I did not like them. As a matter of fact, all other masturbators I have tried were better. So my question is what is your favorite alternative masturbator?
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js250 js250
My husband and I figured out sleeves and some fun techniques for masturbation with a penis pump. He does not use it to "enlarge"--thank goodness!!--but likes the sensations he gets from the pumping and pressure. I am getting ready to write a book on masturbation with a penis pump--the other ones I have purchased or read were juvenile, advertisements or basic porn.
goo goo
Huh... I never thought that penis pumps would give pleasure, plus with some saying that pumping is not good for the captain, I am quite skeptical to use one. I really don't think I need to be enlarged as well. Interesting observation though.
asandahl asandahl
Any of the UR3 realistic vaginas are wonderful!
goo goo
Ha! I remember the first masturbator I got was the Doc Johnson pocket pussy. I forgot which one, but I do remember they were hard compared to the newer stuff.
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