Guys, I'm curious, what type of masturbators do you like best?

Arlinnae Arlinnae
Do you prefer a discreet toy, a tigh, a texured ot a lifelike fleshlight? Do you like lifelike bigger toys better?
Textures or smooth? Spirals or nubs? What do you like in them?

Would you allow your girlfriend to watch you use it?
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minstrel69 minstrel69
I like lifelike. The bigger the better. Any type of texture. Haven't ever had a problem with my wife watching me use one, although she is usually playing along with me.
johnnyjohn johnnyjohn
Yeah life like is better. Thats when you can get the most out of a masturbator. You want to be able to put it in different positions.
pikahole pikahole
Yeah, the realistic pussies&ass ones are best for me, the fleshlights are good also but its nice having that torso portion to thrust against.
UsArmyGuy UsArmyGuy
absolutely love my Tenga flip. Will always take spirals AND nubs over smooth any day.
Robinhoood Robinhoood
discreet i like to use in public places
but at home life like sizes off course.
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