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Not to sure about these penis masturbaters. Anyone into them all that much? Also have any suggestions for me?
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SexyTabby SexyTabby
Suggestion - better titles to your threads so people can tell if they can be of any real assistance.
Phoenix713 Phoenix713
Honestly that was kind of a mean reply...

I don't really have any suggestions aside from reading reviews from other contributors, but I can say that I'm not really into them.
Solar Ray Solar Ray
I haven't tried this type of vibrating one... but the Fleshlight styles I have tried are very good. This is actually cheaper than the Fleshlights so I'd probably give it a try but the reviews don't look that great for it.
pollux pollux
Depending on what you want and how much you want to spend, I would recommend a Fleshlight if you have some change to spare. They last quite a while if you treat them right. They are good enough to lead to orgasm, but the feeling isn't super-realistic. It's great stimulation, just not very "organic" feeling. If you don't mind getting a one-time-use masturbator, I would highly recommend the Tenga air cushion cup. It feels amazing, and very, very, very real. The downside is that you can only use it once or twice (unless you use a condom, which I haven't tried doing).
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