Man Eaters

Blooddragon Blooddragon
Originally posted by Daniel & Brittany
I'd like to start a discussion on novelty masturbators ie. the man eaters. peticularly in regard to how amazing they are and the fact you can simply put it on a shelf and i thinkl thats great!
I really like this! Very cool lil novelty toy that works!
RoughToughCocoaPuff RoughToughCocoaPuff
I so wanna buy it for my man! He probably won't use it though :c
goo goo
Honestly, it looks boring to me. I would never buy it, even to just have lying around.
Porygorish Porygorish
I wonder how many people actually buy this for the novelty or attempt to try to use it as a toy hahah
lokidies lokidies
I'll stick to fleshlights.
SassySam SassySam
these are so funny, i want one and i'm not even a guy.
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