Dildos/vibrators that look (and feel!) realistic

Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
I'm trying to figure out what toys to buy once my Eden Points reach a decent level (plus my birthday GC, yay!) and one of the things I'd love to have is a dildo or vibrator that looks and feels realistic. I've never owned one like that, and I'm dying to have something that feels as much like the real thing as possible.

So, I'm looking for recommendations from those of you who own realistic toys? Which are your favourites? What do you love about them? That sort of thing. Bonus if they're not TOO expensive, but I know that to get the best, you have to fork out some cash. *L*

I'm looking forward to hearing from people!
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slynch slynch
Vixskin dildos by Vixen are great!
LupusXavier LupusXavier
Cyberskin dream dick would have my vote right now of what I have seen so far. Extremely realistic and very detailed. If comparing to size ranges of biological men, this dildo is large but still within realistic ranges.
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