Has there been a toy material that you were unsure of using? Have you tried it yet? Did you end up liking it-why or why not?

js250 js250
I am super sensitive to textures and prefer my vibrators to be either smooth or have lighter textures. I also prefer smaller to medium sized diameters and am very wary of harder, unforgiving materials.

However....I was assigned my first glass dildo and Holy Moly!!! I have gone from being scared of glass to loving it!!! The texture, weight, feel and textures are absolutely amazing!! I don't even need the vibrations to go over the top!!Call me a convert...I am collecting glass now.

Tell us your story, how did you end up trying the material, what was your experience, are you happy or were your feelings justified?
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butts butts
At first I LOVED the squishyness of jelly, I didn't mind putting a condom on them, but it got a bit annoying after a while, and then we tried without a condom. Awful awful choice haha, it made my skin burn!

I'm not very interested in glass toys personally, but I've heard so much good about them, I'm tempted to try one.
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