Phthalate Free PVC, how safe and long to keep.

Zombirella Zombirella
The fiance got this to review. We were just wondering exactly how safe it is and how long it should be kept when only used by one person?

I know it rates an 8 on the scale but regular PVC is only a 2. I noticed some people say that some companies label their toys as phthalate free when they really aren't. Is there a way to ever really tell? I just don't wanting either of us to use something that may cause harm but the vibrating factor and the small size is nice. No disrespect toward the company by asking, I actually have many DJ toys that I love and recommend I just want to keep things safe for the both of us. I want to mention again that this toy is not shared.
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veggieguy veggieguy
That's a good question. Is there such a thing as phthalate-free PVC? Because I thought you'd need phthalate in all PVC to make it soft.

For example, I purchased a product fropm Icon Brands this morning because it said on their website that it was phthalate-free. Then I contacted them and asked if it really was. The answer: No, it's not. Now they've taken down the phthalate-free information and I am stuck with this unsafe dildo.
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