Reminder - flame test dangers

ScottA ScottA
Flame testing to check to see if a toy is silicone has been mentioned several times, but do note that this can be very dangerous. Many non-silicone sex toy materials are quite flammable and easy to light on fire. TPR burns very easily and melts at a low temperature - this means that there may be a burning liquid from your sex toy that can drip flames, seriously burn you, and will float on water (so don't toss a cup of water at it to put it out). If you feel the need to flame-test your toys please do it in a fireproof area where burning liquid will not run somewhere that can cause a fire or burn anyone. If you need to put it out treat it like a grease fire, and cover with a non-burnable metal cover until it goes out. Eden does a very good job of pinning down what the toys are made of in almost all cases, so there really isn't much of a need for personal flame tests.
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim

There is a video floating around that shows someone testing materials in a bathroom with no safety precautions whatsoever. One of the material catches on fire and still burns when dropped in the sink full of water. I will add that any smoke that comes from the material will not be good for the respiratory system.

Please folks, if you have to do this think ahead and think safety!
Nora29714 Nora29714
Thanks fo rmaking this post... I too saw someone "flame testing" their toy. and it just doesn't look safe to me
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