Sanitary & Safety of product, Might be a strange question ?

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Sanitary & Safety of product, Might be a strange question ?

stormy7 stormy7
Hi, I can't find any information on the toys in regards to Sanitary returns & how it is disposed of. I Just received my Toy in the mail and it is clear that the box in which my toy came in did not have a safety seal on the actual packaging that contains the product. How does Eden dispose of any toys that may have been used and returned? I don't want to seem paranoid, but I just want to make sure of the safety of the product that I am using & if it was previously used. Does Eden re-shelf a returned product that was returned without any defects but could have possibly been used by previous a costumer?
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Ansley Ansley
Returns are received and processed in a separate portion of the warehouse, far away from the inventory items which are to be picked and shipped.

This video shows the EF ordering process. Returns are destroyed and/or returned to the manufacturer for destruction.

Lubes, edible items, and other liquid items have safety/tamper-evident seals as does most of the lingerie. However, most if not all vibrators from California Exotic and Doc Johnson do not have safety/tamper-evident seals as their packaging is universal and almost all brick-and-mortar stores require the product is tested before a customer leaves the store because they do not have a return policy.

The higher-end vibes like Lelo and Jopen almost always come sealed in a plastic outer-wrap with the toy secure in another plastic bag inside.
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