Your Thoughts on Wood Toys

BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
I've been wondering how wood can be considered so safe on the material safety scale since it's porous, it can rot, and it can splinter. So I did a search in the forums and now understand that these toys have a waterproof coating.

Am I the only one who cannot get past the idea that it's wood and that has negative connotations?
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- Kira - - Kira -
I love my wood toys. You can read about the coating and safety issues on the NobEssence FAQ. It has info on waterproofing and splinters and such. Maybe that will make you feel better about wood, or at least NobEssence wood.
EnChAnTiNg EnChAnTiNg
I always try not to knock something before I try it, but wood toys have always been a bit worrisome to me also. I think if I was going to try one I would make sure it is a very reputable company, because I would be worried about splinters, and the safety of the coating.
BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
PandaBear, you sound just like me. I also try not to say "never" and give something a try. Indeed I've found new loves from taking the leap of faith. I just don't know why this really makes me pause, even after reading up on them. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!
Subbi Subbi
I have never tried wood toys, for some reason they kind of freak me out. At this point I haven't been able to get over it but maybe I can sometime down the road.
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