can i use a condom on these anal beads?

pleasurehunter pleasurehunter
Hi i just bought these purple anal jelly beads. (link at bottom)
I know that jelly is porous and breaks down over time, i was wondering if I used a condom if it would make them last longer and need less cleanings inbetween use. i also dont know if it would be an awkward toy to use a condom on, I won't know until I get some
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Jul!a Jul!a
While you definitely can use a condom on those, it will almost certainly be a relatively awkward affair. Because of the material I would still recommend trying it though. Otherwise don't share it at all, keep it to the one orifice, and clean it thoroughly every time you use it, then toss it after about 6 months or if it starts to cloud, change colors, or change consistencies.
Girly Girl Girly Girl
P'Gell P'Gell
I would spring for a set of safer beads. Factor in the cost of the condoms, the trouble you'll have getting the beads into the condom and a slightly more expensive, but safer set ends up saving you money.

The Silicone (and TPR) X 10 Beads are a good buy. And you don't need a condom with them. I shortened mine by 5 beads to make them easier to use, and it actually made them a better set (my video is the second one on the page.)

I mean, you probably could put the beads you mentioned into a condom, but it might be hard to get them in. Try some lube. My guess is the cost of the condoms would eventually cause you to want a more versatile set of beads.
pleasurehunter pleasurehunter
Thanks everyone for your responses. Yeah I think I am going to toss my jelly toys in about 6 months just to be safe, and start investing in other longer lasting types of materials.
Also those other beads look like what I was looking for, the purple beads were a free gift from someone and i'd figure I might as try them a bit, even if they do look massive and menacing. I love this site all my questions always get answered
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