Do you own toys that you hated after buying them?

kaykay0427 kaykay0427
I just got the BGood Deluxe in the mail and I'm not to sure about it... I also bought the Love Vibe Sweetheart and I hate that one. What are you experiences with bad toys?
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RonLee RonLee
Yes, I too have purchased toys that turned out to be big disappointments.
The Hand solo – masturbator is awful, don't buy it.
The Tenga flip air discontinued, for good reason, it too is/was awful. Way too tight. It may have been a good size when I was five or six years old but that would be about all.
BTW Please do not confuse the very good Tenga flip HOLE with the awful, discontinued Tenga flip AIR.
Mr. E Mr. E
Years ago we purchased a few jelly toys and a Vac-U-Loc Harness set that came with an over-sized rubber dildo. Ewww. They were absolutely horrible!

We do NOT own them anymore. I wrapped them in a plastic bag for safety and donated them to the county landfill.
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