Ever tried an electricity wand?

HisLittleFiend HisLittleFiend
If so, did you like it?
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married with children married with children
do you mean like a magic wand?
deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by HisLittleFiend
If so, did you like it?
Nope. Never heard of one.
Taylor Taylor
Do you mean like a violet or neon wand? I have a neon wand and it's fun to use once in a while, but it's not an everyday thing for sure.
anonymous1298304 anonymous1298304
no. but I'm curious to try one. i don't think i'd like it, but i'm open to giving it a try. i never really looked at electro stim toys until eden started carrying them.
HisLittleFiend HisLittleFiend
Yeah, it's basically a violet wand. Friends of mine have them and just call them electricity wands.
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