I so want this! But would you use it in public?

Sera Sera
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Hmmm...But it's so cute!
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Muddog7998 Muddog7998
sorry, but no... unless it was at a party lol
softkkisses softkkisses
No I don't thing i would.. LOL maybe on girls weekend for fun!
MastersXKittenXSlave MastersXKittenXSlave
Its kinda cute I actually probably keep it on me and use it around friends or if a friend asks to borrow a pen i would hand them that one. lol.
EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
I'd be a little too embarrassed to use that in public. It's cute though.
Trashley Trashley
Totally would, but girls would giggle and guys would think its weird. I've seen those and penis straws at a frat party a while back, so the party setting is pro for this guy I think.
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