Incognito or whimsical toy storage?

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Incognito or whimsical toy storage?

theavocadopit theavocadopit
I can't be the only one who dislikes the selection of toy storage out there! I find most of it's kind of cheap or obvious looking. Am I the only one who's looking into unique storage ideas like this bamboo purse
or this stunning locking train case
or this elegant beaded box purse
or this tapestry bag
Or am I totally crazy, lol?
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js250 js250
I use a round top antique steamer trunk, an antique pie safe and antique dresser. So, no....get what fits your taste.
Geogeo Geogeo
The box purse is cute! I like big antique chests personally though.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Wow some of those are really cute. I get them for sure.
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
Those are all very cute, but spend some time on EF and they will be nowhere near enough. My collection now requires a trunk thanks to Eden.

I love the Surat Trunk:

And the Ridgeway Trunk:

Both are from Pier 1.
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