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Laurinnichole Laurinnichole
EdenFantasys vibrating ring
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Did you like this cock ring? If not, what would you change about it?
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married with children married with children
I did not like it, and would not purchase it. But as a free gift it works ok. The vibrations are pretty week. The cock ring is loose fitting, could be tighter (not that I am small, it just does not work as well as the more expensive stretchy cock rings). It only last for 30 minutes. I had the first two not work at all for me.
Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
I will be getting one in the mail soon. Got it free with my purchase and will decide after use. I'll even write an extensive review on it.
edeneve edeneve
haven't used one yet but plan to w/ my favorite dildo before the year is over.
Apirka Apirka
I've gotten a few of those as free gifts, but I've never used any of them. I've given them all away.
CrypticThought CrypticThought
I haven't used it, but the vibes aren't that strong... so I think this one's better better for solo play.
ashley515 ashley515
great for solo as well
accidently recieved two when i ordered as a free gift so i was quite happy
Bi-Pedal Draon Bi-Pedal Draon
Originally posted by Laurinnichole
Did you like this cock ring? If not, what would you change about it?
I liked. Okayish vibrations, but doesn't last more than 45 minutes straight. AT least mine didn't, though it's good to add to a non-vibrating dong of some sort.
Cowgirl-Cutie Cowgirl-Cutie
I wasn't really a fan but it's free so I can't complain!
wanderer5964 wanderer5964
wasnt really a fan. but as they said it was free so i cont complain much
1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
For a freebie, it was OK, but it was a little too stretchy to do the job. The vibrating bullet wasn't too powerful either, but I replaced it with a bigger one and it wasn't so bad.
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
Nice freebie but not a huge fan of it I actually took the vib part off and used it on my clit it works lovely that way
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I kinda liked it. The bullet is lasting way longer than 30 minutes though and the ring hasn't broken yet.
unicorn64 unicorn64
Someone said you can use them solo. How? Guess I not too smart on this one.
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
I didn't LOVE this cock ring, but it got the job done! Since it was the first cock ring I ever tried, I'm glad it helped me to see that I love cock rings, and I'll definitely be trying more in the future!
Sonny Sonny
The vibrations are pretty weak, but as a free item, it's not bad. You generally get what you pay for, and as it was free, weak vibes were something to be expected, I think.
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