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Mary Z Mary Z
I'm looking for a toy for myself, but not sure what to get-what's the best style, material, etc?
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Elf Elf
Well,the style and material are really the matter of your personal preference. I'm personally for trying out new and different toys. First of all I'd advice you to find a less expensive option to experiment with to see if you like the concept at all.
Crazy T Crazy T
I agree with the above! Probably your best bet would be to experiment with different toys to find the best one.
Shad Shad
As per material I'd say that non-porous toys are better-silicone, glass, steel would be my recommendations!
As per style- try toys that stimulate in different ways... there's a lot of exploration to be done
Trying out different types of toys and seeing what works and what doesn't is the best way to find what you are looking for.
Rufina Rufina
For the first time it is probably better to go with the simplest toy. First try to think what type of stimulation you prefer. As most of women need clitoral stimulation to climax probably the clitoral toy is good choice for you as well. I would suggest starting from Pocket rockets. Those toys are versatile, small, discreet and not expensive – definitely a good choice for a novice. If you like clitoral stimulation combined with penetration the Rabbit style is a good choice. Lots of women swear by Rabbits – you might like it too. The only thing with rabbits – always check a Real size – you can see that function under the product picture – size is very important whether you prefer smaller or bigger.
Nashville Nashville
If you're looking for something new and different, I'd go with glass. If you've never tried it, it can be really exciting when you finally do. (Glass toys also fit into most budgets seeing as they can range from around $25 to $400)... a material I absolutely love is silicone. EF has just added a bunch of silicone toys by Pipedream that range around $30. A dual vibe is always a classic choice, I personally love the Eager Beaver (combines both the joy of external and internal stimulation)... just explore the site until you find something that intrigues you!
klyte klyte
Go with silicone, it's extremely safe and raelistic feeling
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