One more question about ben wa balls

Siren Siren
Can I lose vaginal balls in my vagina?
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EF Expert EF Expert
Originally posted by Siren
Can I lose vaginal balls in my vagina?
The vagina is closed on the far end by the cervix, so there's absolutely no where for the vaginal balls to go but out, it cannot go further inside of you.
Squat with your heels apart, push out gently and they will come out.
PLEASE NOTE! Don't ever put these balls in your anus, because the muscles can "pull up" and the balls can get lost inside!
Snappy Snappy
Sometimes it feels as though a toy gets "lost" in the vagina when it migrates into the cul-de-sac but it's easy enough to retrieve it. If you have inserted a toy and you can't find it, don't panic. If you try the EF Expert's advice and you can't locate the toy, a health care practitioner can find it and retrieve it for you. It's a little embarrassing but important to seek assistance if you haven't located a toy on your own after 24 hours. An infection can develop and so can irritation of the sensitive membranes inside the vagina.
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