Smartballs too big? What's a good alternative?

browneyedgirl887 browneyedgirl887
I had a baby a couple months ago & pre pregnancy I used smartballs daily. I wore them during pregnancy as well ( my doctor approved this) Well I have recently began doing my kegels again and these will not go in, even with lube its painful so I am not going to push it. I am going to try something smaller,maybe a single ball? Any suggestions?

Also how long do you wear your kegel balls daily?
Feb 18, 9:48 am
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BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
If you're experiencing that much pain, I'd suggest talking to your gynecologist. Every woman's vagina heals differently after birth... and if you feel pain or discomfort...maybe that's your bodys way of letting you know you aren't ready to have something in your vagina for an extended period of time.
Congrats on the baby, btw.
Feb 18, 4:14 pm
edeneve edeneve
link are about 1" in diameter smaller. this is a multiple weight set which enables you to change the weight you need as your Kegels get stronger.
Feb 19, 12:41 pm
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