What toy materials are best?

Casey Colette Casey Colette
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plastic (there are so many different kinds, which one is best?)
or is wood, glass, or metal better? I think I like glass best, but my husbands fleshlight feels different than my dildos...
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ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
glass, silicone are great safe materials
Undecided Undecided
I prefer all my toys to be silicone or glass
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Silicone, glass, and stainless steel can all be sterilized with multiple methods, and are completely non-porous, so those are generally considered the safest materials. There's nothing unsafe about wood, either, although there are less methods for sterilizing it. The same is true of plastic.

If you click on the material listed for any particular toy, there's a breakdown of what cleaning methods can be used, how to store it, what types of lubes are safe for it, etc.
AshleyDForever AshleyDForever
Originally posted by ejrbrndps
glass, silicone are great safe materials
I agree
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