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Worth it?

kandy anjel kandy anjel
Multifunctional bullet and towel set
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Is this towel and bullet really worth $45?
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sunflower sunflower
Originally posted by kandy anjel
Is this towel and bullet really worth $45?
To buy on its own, no. Right now it's a promotional gift so it is free if you spend $79+ on an order. If you're spending that much then add it into your cart before you check out!
Aishiteru Aishiteru
Probably not, but it could be worth getting as a free gift.
SMichelle SMichelle
In my opinion, no. I have the bullet already, and it's an alright bullet. I wouldn't spend 45 for it, though, even with the little towel included.

As a free gift though, yeah, it's worth it.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I am not a bullet kind of girl so to me no bullet is worth $45.

This seems a bit high since the bullet is sold separately for $35.99 and the towel] sells for $3.49. My math makes that $39.48. Usually you get a discount when items are bundled.
snowminx snowminx
Yeah that is high =/ Maybe it would have been better if they said the bundle was 35 or less but also free with an order of some much.

Personally I was already buying someone that was 50 dollars but wasn't going to buy something for around 30 just to get that free gift.
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