What is the best couple's furniture product for beginners?

Drakoni Drakoni
Which product(s) would you recommend to couples looking at adding 1-2 sex furniture items to their bedroom?
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Elnoa Elnoa
The Liberator wedge/ramp combo for sure. Also, I like the the Liberator bon bon, but not all couples would be able to use that together,
Kkay Kkay
It depends on your budget. If you can afford it, I agree with Elnoa about the wedge/ramp combo. If you're just wanting to try sex furniture out on a low budget, there are some inflatables out there, though from what I've heard they're a lot more limited in scope than the Liberator.
Neurogasm Neurogasm
I'd go with the wedge/ramp combo over anything else, but if you were looking for something less expensive, you could try a couple of Liberator's smaller pieces.
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