Help with back issues

Sunsetmystic Sunsetmystic
Is there a combination of furniture that you can get that will help aliviate pain from a persons back?
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EvilHomer EvilHomer
I can say that we have been active when either of us have had back pain, generally just rest.

However, if there are folks here who can give you advise you might want to narrow the area of the back down a little bit.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm not a doctor so I don't have anything specific for you, but I would try and make sure that your back is getting proper support when you're doing things. I know that if I'm sitting all day with no back support mine just kills by the end of the day. Things like the Wedge can help alleviate back pain during certain positions. If you have a constant pain, I'd go see a chiropractor. I've had really good luck with mine so far, but mine was related to having a pinched sciatic nerve. Yours may be different, but it doesn't hurt to get an opinion.
Rossie Rossie
I don't have suggestions on furniture, I just use down cushions to support my back and neck, if I'm sitting on the couch for longer periods of time. Like Sam said, you should see a chiropractor to get the problem fixed. I have neck pain, and my chiropractor ordered me to do stretching and strengthening exercises daily, to keep my neck and back in shape. Those exercises really work, as long as I keep my exercise regimen, I'm pain free. Having good sitting and standing postures are also important, keeping your body aligned can help avoid excessive stress to your intervertebral discs, reducing the chance of back pains.
Funtastic Funtastic
My husband has a bad back, and also had surgery, we use a swing often and it makes it easier on him when we do.
Brandon Lee Brandon Lee
If there is back damage then a doctor needs to be seen. But often for just back hurt, it can be a case of the stomach muscles being weak, and the hamstrings being tight. That is most often case with people being past 40 and backs hurting. This can be helped with strengthening the stomach muscles and stretching the hamstrings. But please note that I am not a doctor and this is just experience talking. If you are in pain you should speak to a medical professional.
Lizzy Lizzy
Consult your doctor about electro stimulation.
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