How comfortable are they?

sexysecretfreak sexysecretfreak
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Does sex furniture really support your body while having sex? i've seen them and read the reviews but haven't tried it yet. I just wanted opinion on how helpful it really is.
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True Pleasures True Pleasures
It depends on how heavy you are, but they do for the most part. I think Liberator actually states on their site how much certain shapes can hold before being crushed. As for being helpful, they definitely are.
Kayla Kayla
Yeah, it does support. Some of the shapes support better than others, but most do a bit of support. If you are of a larger body weight, go with the foam shapes (Liberator) instead of the air/inflatable shapes. Less-weighty-people can usually use the inflatable ones okay, but the foam ones definitely hold up better.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Liberator is awesome. And I agree with Kayla, go with the foam pieces.
guro guro
all of what's been said already! i've heard great things about liberator, and their products seem really comprehensive when looking at their site.

i'm a very slim person and i actually prefer foam to inflatables myself!! it was brought up earlier in the context of not supporting too much weight, but inflatable pieces also felt really uncomfortable to me in areas where i'm bony.
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