Liberator BonBon

Yoda Yoda
Has anyone tried the Liberator BonBon? I'd love to buy one, but EF doesn't carry it. I wonder if there is any possibility of them doing so now that EF is part of Liberator.
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Kindred Kindred
I'm going to guess that most if not all of the Liberator inventory will now be available for purchase on EF. It wouldn't make much sense financially to not do it. To save on inventory problems, perhaps Liberator items will somehow be shipped directly from Liberator rather than EF's warehouse.
Xavier7 Xavier7
This is awesome news. Does anyone know when it will start? I know it's going to happen soon, but are there any exact and available dates?
BadgersRose BadgersRose
Looks like fun. I agree, we'll probably start seeing a lot more Liberator items soon.
JelloLove JelloLove
I really Hope they get the BonBon soon!!! I was just about to buy the Wing but noticed the BonBon on the Liberator Website and realized the BonBon is exactly what I am looking for b/c I want something that takes toys with bases / or balls! Please Please get this in! I really want to buy it from Eden!! Thank you!!
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