Liberator use with back pain or arthritis

Checkmate Checkmate
Both my wife and I have back problems as well as arthritis. From what I have read about the various liberator designs, I can't help but think they might be beneficial for us. My wife likes to have her hips elevated while having sex, and for now we are just using pillows.
Any suggestions as to which design might be best for us, and does anyone having same issues as us have any input?
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Elbert's Angel Elbert's Angel
I have back problem, my husband has arthritis in both knees. We recently got both the Liberator ramp and wedge and they work wonders. We finally were able to be in potions once uncomfortable and painful with no pain or discomfort at all. In fact the experience with them was amazing. I hope this helps.
lesbianlesbian lesbianlesbian
TacoOdoom said in her video review of the Black Heart Wedge that she has Lordosis / back issues, and that this helps.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
I reviewed the Ramp/Edge Combo. It is by far the best investment we have ever made. I have MS and both my husband and I have arthritis in our knees. I firmly believe in the title of my review!
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