Liberator Shapes

geliebt geliebt
I'd love to get one or two, once I actually have my own house >.< living with family is not conducive to large sex furniture! lol.
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
All very good post. I want one of the sets so bad I have used one before and love how it helps out with diffrent positions. Thank you for all the good review post that help with sizes and such.
sexykiss sexykiss
i love these but they are so much money have you used anything thats compared to this and is cheaper?
apryls apryls
Originally posted by Latsyrc728
I really want to try them, but haven't yet. Seems like they could be a lot of fun...
I have the combo set and I luv them!!! I use them for more then just sex though, I use them for excerise and proping myself up in bed as well. They are well worth the $
Wild one Wild one
Great review. I already wanted one and now I want it even more.
Mikemanz Mikemanz
love the wedge/ramp combo. if you are patient, liberator runs sales frequently
MK434 MK434
Originally posted by aBeastlyLittleThing
i want one soo frickin bad! especially with the liberator conversion sets!! damn!!
I have the combo with the conversion kit and it is the best thing I ever got! I really recomend getting one. I use it all the time. I also have the Bonbon, it is awesome! I love Liberator!
no name 1 no name 1
like the classic
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
i love them all. the ramp is a bit large for our bed.. hehehe.. i long for the suex..
dm dm
I have a ramp and don't use it as much as I would like.
Janene Janene
Originally posted by Sera
I love Liberator Shapes, especially the combo sets! Who agrees with me? Questions, comments, nasty remarks all welcome!
They never show plus sized ladies with these. :-(
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