Men: Can you continue sex after you have ejaculated?

dm dm
I wish i could.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
My husband can't. He used to be able to, but no any longer. He get soft pretty quickly and the sensation after is just too sensitive to keep going.
Checkmate Checkmate
Due to the inablity to maintain an erection, I would normally have to say there is no way I can continue even if I wanted to. I say normally because we just got a Fury metal cock ring, and much to both of our surprise, I was able to continue for about 10 minutes at which time I climaxed again! It did feel somewhat overly sensative, but hopefully this was not a one time thing since we both enjoyed it so much.
AllKink4U AllKink4U
Originally posted by captainsgirl
my husband says it feels weird to him after he has ejaculated to keep having sex..i think it's overly sensative..does this happen to you?
I may have to lay still for just a moment, whether inside her or not, as its incredibly sensitive right after ejaculation. But after just a moment, I'll be just as hard and can keep going again. I have literally even been able to have male multiple orgasms a few times. But that's a whole nother topic!
RonLee RonLee
That sensory overload is just terrific, I very much enjoy it. I've had partners who found it to be too much and their penis was then either ticklish or approaching something akin to pain. I've sometimes continued to suck just to torment, but for me, I very much enjoy that extra sensitivity!
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
My boyfriend can. He doesnt really like it though. Feels weird.
iabicpl09 iabicpl09
I can but its a little strange
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