Wedge/Ramp Combo: Out of stock?!?!

Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
GASP! I got online to order my partner's holiday gift (a wedge/ramp in black- don't worry- he rarely reads the forums ) and was quite disappointed to see it was out of stock.

I know sometimes things get replenished right away and sometimes it takes awhile. Has anyone ever noticed how quickly these come back into stock? I also know (and understand) an exact time frame cannot be given. I'm just debating whether or not I start the hunt for another gift. I have 25 days as I'm going on vacation.....

Thanks for any advice!
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Epiphora Epiphora
You could order it from Liberator themselves. It's a little more expensive than on here, I think, but it also comes with extra stuff.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
Do what now?

Also, I agree with Epiphora: if all else fails, order it from Liberator. Or, give him a late birthday pressie...I'd wait a couple of extra days for a liberator!
Miss KissThis Miss KissThis
Holy spam, Batman!
Epiphora Epiphora
LOL. Didn't you know you were actually looking for escort services, Beautiful Dreamer?!
Gary Gary
Just to save you fine people the time of having to look at these sites yourselves, I have examined these escort links for you. Most of the links are for escorts in NY, and the others are for escorts in Canada (2 in Ottawa, 1 in Toronto). All of the girls appear to be Asian, and the last link is for a site that sells fancy bicycle parts (that one confused me too). So there you go, no need to waste your own valuable time wondering what this escort spam is all about. Please return to your daily routine or sex toy related activities, and yes, you are very welcome!
Sammi Sammi
I did check out the bicycle one - I won't even guess why that one's in the list, lol!
Gary Gary
On a lighter note... the Liberator Wedge / Ramp is nothing short of a whipping on the spotted leopard’s ass with my belt! I know this thread was originally posted a while back but still, the W/R is worth the price and worth the wait. If I had to get another one I would pay for it in human blood if necessary. EVERYONE should own one of these sets! When local Philadelphia serial killer Gary Heidnik said that “Satan put a cookie in my mouth”, there is not a doubt in my mind that he was referring to how awesome this Liberator set is.

The W / R combo enables so many slight and intensifying variations on the positions that you are used to, and it also allows you to get into so many new and exciting positions. Another fine point of this combo is that after the fireworks are over with, it also doubles as an unbelievably comfortable in-bed-recliner to relax upon while watching TV. The biggest problem with the in-bed-recliner aspect of this combo is the pistol duel that my wife and I must have before hand to see which one of us get to use it, or you could try taking turns I suppose or buy two of them.
That Weird Guy That Weird Guy
Subscribe to the liberator mailing list and you get codes in your email for like ##% off. So wait for one of those codes its like 15% or more sometimes.
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