What pieces are good for beginners?

Sunsetmystic Sunsetmystic
What piecess of furniture do you think is good for a beginner and what abought name brand is there much difference?
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
A Liberator Wedge is always a safe bet. They're useful in so many ways and work for almost anyone -- plus they are small enough to blend in and be used for non sexual purposes, too!
TexasFire TexasFire
I am planning to have a Liberator Axis Hitachi as our first piece. Seems simple, and incorporates our FAVORITE toy.

Agreed with Carrie Ann ... a piece like the Wedge, Axis, Jaz, or even Wing would seem to blend in more readily.

As far as brands, I only plan on going with Liberator...even if it costs more than an unknown brand. Things like that are an investment...
Lizzy Lizzy
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