What sex furniture do you like?

Rightya Rightya
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What would your recommend for a first?
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Wondermom Wondermom
Liberator wedge, the heart wedge is a good starter, inexpensive and looks like a normal decorative pillow
Shellz31 Shellz31
Depends on what you actually want it for.
The Liberator Wing is awesome!!!!
M121212 M121212
Ooh I'm curious about this too!
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Rightya
What would your recommend for a first?
ANY Liberator shapes are amazing. Read the offerings TOGETHER, and see what positions YOU like and take it from there. That way TOGETHER you can be waiting in anticipation and have FUN when it comes....BUT...your question said FURNITURE, which no one seems to have addressed yet. When it comes to FURNITURE...we never did buy any of the BIG "real" furniture size stuff, but we DO have a BIG, SOLID WOOD rocker...with HUGE curved rockers (you CANNOT make this baby fall over), and let me tell you, it is OUR "lap sitting" toy, when we want an "out of bed experience". JUST BUY SOMETHING ROCK STABLE...whatever you get.
MaryExy MaryExy
I'm personally looking at the flip ramp as a first I think. I could make it blend in more than a wedge I think, and it looks roomier. The wing also looks nice and discreet. I'll probably wait until I'm out of the dorm for either (or until I can measure the room again and see if I have room).
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