Alternative to RO-80mm?

Acorn Acorn
Hi everyone! I have a RO-80mm bullet, but I'm looking for something stronger.

Does anyone know of a bullet that is more powerful, but is pretty much the same size? If you happen to know of any with multiple settings, that would be even better. I would like to use it inside my Rocks Off Bad Boy, so it has to be pretty slim to fit into the bullet cavity.

I know this is a pretty specific request, but thanks in advance if you know anything.
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Acorn Acorn
Kindred Kindred
I'm not sure that it's more powerful, but Rocks Off offers the RO-120 which has 3 vibration patterns. It's one of the more powerful bullets available.
Acorn Acorn
I think that the RO-120 probably is more powerful. Unfortunately, it's much bigger than the RO-80, so it won't fit into the base of the toy. Thanks for trying, though!
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