Too many animals! (Need help choosing a "rabbit")

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Too many animals! (Need help choosing a "rabbit")

Hiya all - I recently got my first couple vibes, one of which was the Butterfly Kiss. It's not perfect, but has definitely gotten me interested in toys.

I like the clitoral stimulating butterfly, as it fits my body just about perfectly. The wings & body nestle just right between my labia & keep the vibrations right on target. However, I'm not a fan of its G-spot stimulator - Its size, shape, & squishiness just don't do much for me.

So, I'm looking for something similar, but with a shaft instead of the G-spot "bulb." I figure I may go ahead & try a "rabbit." If I find one with good controls, I can always turn off the shaft actions if I don't like them.

After much browsing, I'm overwhelmed by the different shapes & sizes & animals. I think I can go ahead & disqualify anything super-narrow or with just a single tongue piece. (I think I saw that on a "kangaroo," though it looked like an anteater to me. LoL.) I'd like something that has some width to keep it in place, like I described with the butterfly- I think I'm going to prefer a flatter clitoral stimulator area rather than the tall, skinny type.

Any thoughts/suggestions/e xperiences? -- Thanks much - LQ
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