Anyone have experience with this?

carenautilus carenautilus
Butt tite delight
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Does anyone have this toy? I like the idea, but the reviews look...not so great. Does anyone have more positive experiences? If not, does anyone have alternate toy suggestions with a similar but better-executed design? Pretty puh-lease? *big eyes*
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Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
Sorry, but I'm one of those who reviewed it, and as I was responding to my comments, I noticed your forum discussion. Sorry but I was just thinking that I was glad that EdenFantasys listened to us and decided not to stock that awful toy as a result of the bad feedback it received. It was a good idea gone wrong.

But if you are looking for something similar, I tried something in the form of a rabbit and the priced was close to a 100$, but was working much better than that. So check out the Triple Orgasm series by Cal Exotics. I reviewed the French Kiss, but I think the other two would have been better.
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