Basic Vibrators - do they offer much stimulation?

Cat E. Cat E.
Jumbo massager
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I don't find these basic bullet-looking vibrators to be useful. They're a bit big to use just on the clit. Are any of you able to get much vaginal stimulation from them?
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jr2012 jr2012
I don't get much pleasure at all from inserting this style! I also get paranoid about hurting my cervix accidentally with the pointy tip. Best to keep these on the clit, I think the shape really lends to grinding on it, which is nice sometimes!
sexyfun sexyfun
I use a larger massager like that on my clit sometimes. I don't use it because it's large, however I believe the large size is a result of the toy taking C batteries and thus having a stronger motor. I like strong clit vibrations and found that this is the cheapest way to get them.
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