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Can anyone tell me how this toy compares to the Hitachi in terms of vibratory power? Thanks.
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Nashville Nashville
Quotes stolen from my review and comments section- "This is by far the most powerful vibrator I've ever tried. I love intense vibrations, but the top speed of this toy was too much, I had to settle on a middle speed setting and that's a first for me."

"As for power, this vibrator is right up there with the Hitachi, it absolutely is. "

I gave it a rating of 5 vrooms because it truly deserves it, the only other toys I would assign 5 vrooms would be the Hitachi and My Miracle Massager.

The Delight will go to work, however, it's not AS powerful as the Hitachi but it comes the closest out of all vibrators I've tried that do not plug directly into an outlet. This has a very extreme motor on it and I'm someone that needs strong vibrations, needless to say, the Delight has been at times a little TOO strong for me.
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