Raven Midna Raven Midna
Nite warmer
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It feels like its been months now that it's on the "out of stock" status. If it is, it wouldn't hurt to look somewhere else ^^ Still, I would've like to check it out
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Jul!a Jul!a
You can always send in a support ticket to ask about it, they'll be able to give you a better answer than the forums can
lalapetitee lalapetitee
What Sam said! They helped me with the new MiMi release date.
Lizzy Lizzy
back in stock
pliskaa pliskaa
Thank Goodness! Just ordered! Can't wait to get it and try it out.
hawaiian chick hawaiian chick
Great review!
Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
Hehehe, I love seeing how this post evolved into a solution.
RebelRebelJen RebelRebelJen
Originally posted by Bethy Cassatt
Hehehe, I love seeing how this post evolved into a solution.
I was thinking the same thing!
LabRat LabRat
The tactile sensation of silicone is really based on the surface of the mold it was cast in. For instance, most toys are made with a smooth non-porous surface. However, of the surface is textured to resemble skin, then the surface of the toy will actually produce more friction. Secondly, not all silicone is the same. Silicone is a polymer made from different chemicals. Most sex toys are usually made from a two-part silicone/catalyst chemical base. Change the formula slightly and once again you get different tactile responses. This being said, your review was awesome. I'd clearly avoid this toy based on your review alone. It doesn't matter whether its silicone or not. Your review was based on experience and personal opinion and you said that it clearly was, which is what I respect. Which is also why I love this website and only buy my toys here. Again, awesome review and thanx for sharing!!
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