Discreet vibrators

charletnarouh charletnarouh
Was having a discussion with a friend of mine about some of the discreet vibrators out there. Her opinion is that if you have vibrators, you should just have a vibrator that looks like what it is because if it could be something else (a rubber duckie or something like that), someone might ask you about it and then you'd have to lie or be embarrassed. If it was obvious what it was, in her mind, and someone accidentally stumbled upon it, then they probably will know what it is, ignore it, and never mention it. As she put it, "Ok, that's the vibrator. Now I know not to touch that or bring it up or ever look in this drawer again!" What do you think?

Have you ever had a discreet toy that someone found and asked you about and what did you say? Or have you had a discreet toy that has escaped detection for a long time?
Have you ever had any embarrassing moment with someone finding a sex toy and bringing it up?
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