Do any of you enjoy buzzy low powered vibrations?

MidnightB MidnightB
Ive been a reviewer for many years and with Eden for about a year with my own successful review site.But I have a question as a gal who has a clit of steel that loves her deep rumbly mega powerful vibes.

When I review a vibrator many of them are not strong enough for me or are indeed buzzy; if I like the quality and it fits me well, I will still give it an ok review if it gets me warmed up even if it doesn't get me there as it might fit someone else far better.But of course I will always say this, Im always honest.
If its a cheap tacky fall apart vibe then no of course it wont get my recommendation.

Okay my question is are there any girls out there who actually enjoy buzzy vibrations and very low powered vibrators? I'm really keen to know this and should have asked this before as I need to know if Im wasting my time saying for novice sextoy collectors or those that enjoy buzzy vibes?

I understand those that have had operations could be sensitive for a while, but are any of you so sensitive you can only enjoy high frequency low vibrations?
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sexyfun sexyfun
I've actually wondered the same thing. I also prefer rumbly deep vibrations. There are so many vibrators out there that are buzzy and not rumbly, I would guess that there must be a market for it. Maybe they just prey on those that don't know any better and buy a vibrator hoping it's stronger than it turns out to be. The worst part is when they boast about the toy being powerful and its really not so powerful.
McTavishes McTavishes
First of all, this site's not just for girls, so...*shrug*

I like low buzzy vibes. And I'm a guy.
sexyfun sexyfun
Originally posted by McTavishes
First of all, this site's not just for girls, so...*shrug*

I like low buzzy vibes. And I'm a guy.
Good point McTavishes, thanks for sharing your opinion
Zombirella Zombirella
No. I like buzzy toys but it has to be strong externally. I can enjoy lower vibrations internally though.
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