Do you use vibrating patterns?

Arlinnae Arlinnae
So far I only found one pattern that I actually liked, otherwhise I just find them to be annoying. Am I the only one?
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Pink Lily Pink Lily
If I'm using the vibrator internally and it's not otherwise moving I like to have a nice pulse going. But, if I'm thrusting I just like it strong and steady!
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I like switching between steady vibrations and patterns. Usually only the steady vibes can get me off, but patterns are a great way to keep things interesting and to tease myself. It's fun.
Sammi Sammi
Internally, I like patterns - particularly the pulsing ones. Externally, I like them steady for the most part.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I'm not a huge fan of patterns... I'd rather just create the vibration pattern manually by lifting/pressing and such. It's much easier than trying to shift between patterns, especially with toys that have difficult controls.
JennSenn JennSenn
I use them. They can be nice. Especially if you just want a nice relaxing buzzing going on.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
I've only found a couple that I like. The oscillating mode on the Jimmyjane Form 2 feels like oral sex, and the rollercoaster-like mode on the internal arm of the PicoBong Kaya feels like having my G-spot rhythmically stroked. Those are pretty much the only ones I like.
married with children married with children
she finds one that she likes and sticks with it.
nikki0668 nikki0668
I have only a few vibration patterns that I like and I stick with those most of the time.
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