Does Anyone Have Experience With This Toy

Lizzy Lizzy
Crystal cut G-spot
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This toy is a work of art. It would look great, simply sitting on my shelf. Think it would be obvious ?

Now my question. Who has tried this toy. I would like feedback. I'm seriously considering it.
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
It's funny you ask because from what I've found no one has reviewed the toy. Even the Descriptive Review by Kynky Kytty was written for this dildo. You can find it in the product comments and by reading KK's description.
Jul!a Jul!a
That does look like an interesting toy. I wish I could offer you better feedback on it, but instead I'll bump the thread so that maybe it still gets seen.
Antipova Antipova
I tried to order the one Kynky Kytty and Wetone had reviewed, and I got this (swirly) one instead. I'll get a picture up this evening, just posting now so I can find this thread again then
Antipova Antipova
Ah, whoops, I totally forgot to put up pictures before, but I'm working on a review for this now. It should be up today or tomorrow or so.
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