Any Clone-A-Willy products that use a better material?

Vaginas Vaginas
Clone-a-willy kit
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I think this is the coolest idea. and I'd love to try it and be able to have my man 'around' all the time. but the material really concerns me. rubber is just bad all around. and I keep reading really terrible reviews for this. that it's hard to get right and that the material cause irritations, etc. and I'd be too scared to try it for myself because the cost is so steep. does anyone (who knows more about materials) know whether or not it's possible for this kit to even be able to be made of a better material?
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married with children married with children
the clone a willy idea is a good one, just poorly executed. I have not seen anyone else come out with something like this or better then this one.
smlove smlove
There are several "make your own dildo" kits on the market, I've found through google searches. However, they're even more expensive than this one, and I imagine don't come with such detailed reviews.
Good luck!
Pudyqat Pudyqat
OMG. Really?
SexySoundLab SexySoundLab
I'm also interested in better materials
Badonk Badonk
Definitely want high quality materials for something like this
jennifur77 jennifur77
Would love this, but wish it had better finished results.
Istarbel Istarbel
I am also really upset the glow in the dark on got discontinued. I find the 'real' flesh colouer terrible.
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