Extase Zenith is LOUD. Defective?

Dangerous Lilly Dangerous Lilly
So am I the only one who has a *very loud* Extase Zenith vibrator? If I'm not the only one, did you exchange it as defective? Where you able to contact Extase? I sent them an email about a week ago and have not heard a peep. They like to use the "whisper quiet" descriptive words so it makes me think that mine is defective given how loud it is. It's almost as loud as the Hitachi (minus the high-pitched whine).
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Jul!a Jul!a
I don't have it to be able to give you an answer, but I'm bumping this in case somebody else might. Or you can submit a support ticket and customer service might be able to pull one out and test it.
Tuesday Tuesday
I think mine was loud too. It was a lot louder than the other person who did a video of it. I now think it was defective. The on-off controls were always flaky and unreliable. I didn't do anything about it though. I don't have the toy anymore.
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